June 2013
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Day June 12, 2013

Bon Appetite

We were starving and stopped in a random place called Café Le Divan (because I saw they were having happy hour). As we were sitting down I realized we forgot our French translator book; Luckily our waiter knew English. I had risotto

Kyle had tartare classique

Paris Rental House

Compared to the London Underground’s train stations, the Paris Metro’s are not traveler-friendly. I had to carry Davina’s monster bag up and down numerous flights of stairs. Once we exited the train, we had to walk eight blocks to our place! At least they were eight blocks full of interesting people and shops.OurNeighborhood

We’re fortunate that our place is right in the “thick of it” but also set back from the busy street in a small, gated community of sorts:
27 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France
Here is a view looking up the steps towards the front door:

Here is a view looking down from the front porch towards the street, “Rue de Charonne:”

View from Front Porch.

View from Front Porch.

Sub Station

The last leg of our journey to Paris almost did us in. Here’s Kyle tired of carrying our bags
Kyle with Suitcase

Here’s me struggling with what I thought would be the best travel skirt- it’s too long, should have tried on first, getting stuck in my luggage wheels!

Paris-Nord Station

We arrived in Paris around 2:30PM local time. The Paris-Nord train station is impressive (and crowded).

busy at 2:30PM

busy at 2:30PM

EuroStar Ride

As we planned our trip, we thought it would be fun and interesting to take a train from London to Paris; especially one that goes underneath the English Channel! Turns out, the jet-lag from our red-eye flight combined with the fatigue from hauling around all of our luggage, put us both out for nearly the entire trip. (Notice the reflection in the video)

EuroStar Train from Kyle Tweedy on Vimeo.

EuroStar London

After passing through customs, we accessed the London Underground subway system via the “Picadilly” train. We got off at the stop, “St. Pancreas” and checked in at the EuroStar train station before leaving for Paris at 11:30AM.

"All Aboard"

“All Aboard”

London Customs

In London, you must fill out a card in order to make it through customs. They ask you for your name, profession, and length of stay. The lady at the counter was mean until we informed her that we plan to get married in Paris.

Davina writing

Writing the words, “Brand Manager.”

London Underground

Arrived in London on time: 7:30AM (Local) 1:00AM (Houston). Kyle on the train!

Mysterious Forehead

Mysterious Forehead