June 2013
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Day June 13, 2013

Bill or Check

We decided to go out for dinner and once again, we forgot our little French translator book. Luckily our waiter new English and explained the whole menu to us. We also asked if it’s called bill or check, they said either. At A La Renaissance Kyle had scallops

and I had roast beef and polenta

Soggy Stroll

It rained all day but that didn’t stop us from exploring… On our way to find coffee we stumbled across a boutique that featured handmade clothing and Davina proceeded to invade their privacy with a camera.

We found a nice spot to drink espresso outdoors

Cafe from Kyle Tweedy on Vimeo.

Without an itinerary yet, we walked around somewhat aimlessly and eventually hopped on the 1 train. When we emerged at the “Hotel de Ville” stop, an exhibit caught Davina’s eye: “Haute Couture.” Haute =fashionably elegant or high class and Couture =design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements. The exhibit was cool; it featured couture from elite international designers, spanning time from 19th century until present day.
Haute Couture

From there we walked around the corner and stumbled upon a tourist area, identified by several souvenir shops. The attraction turned out to be the Notre Dame cathedral!
Notre Dame Cathedral

Directly across from the Cathedral was the most elegant dust screen I’ve ever seen. They went out of their way to preserve the vibe of the area while under construction.
Stylish Dust Screen

Nearby runs the river, “La Siene.” Here is a ground level view.
La Seine

Crepe Escape

Le crepes are on every corner, which is amazing. We had one for a mid morning snack and for lunch, you can never have too many. Here’s our Nutella crepe with a side of espresso.

Petit Déjeuner

We’re up and running! The jet lag made us super exhausted. We got a good nights sleep. Here’s our breakfast. We’re ready to start our first full day in Paris!