Search for Wedding Locale Part Deux

Parc de Belleville is the highest park in Paris. This park has a lot of character from the wooden playhouses, ping pong tables to the plush lawn.

We kept spotting kitties in this park.

This was the first time I saw the Eiffel Tower!

Please comment if you do/don’t like this location for our wedding…


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  1. Kayla,

    I love this location! Perfect too because of the kitties!

  2. david,

    beautiful park, but eew kitties! kidding, cats are good luck!!

  3. Craig,

    This one’s got my vote. Love the view and all if the greenery!

  4. Paige,

    Kitties!! It’s meant to be! Love the elevation and the lush greenery. This has my vote!

  5. Eva,

    I too vote for this locale, it’s gorgeous!