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Day June 15, 2013

American Blooper

Public restrooms are more complicated in Paris. I politely stopped recording when Davina told me to. I regret it though because 30 seconds later she comes busting out with wet boots! Apparently, the restroom has an automatic “wash cycle” and that’s the reason the door wouldn’t shut. Haha

Le Centre Pompidou

After walking all day on sore feet, we decided to visit an art museum and walk around some more. We showed up an hour before closing time so we weren’t able to see everything. I think you’d need a couple of days to see everything anyway; it’s six stories and 80,000 square feet!

To my surprise (Logan was right) you’re allowed to take photographs of certain pieces. Since each painting in the room was OK to photograph, I shot a video. It’s from the featured exhibit: works by Simon Hantaî.

They had over ten Picasso paintings!! Everyone’s seen Picasso though, but have you seen Peter Saul’s “Bewtiful and Stwong?”

Search For Wedding Locale Part Cinquième

Jardin Des Plantes was one of our stops today. This park features a maze, greenhouse (which was closed) and a zoo. We were in a hurry to get to our next destination so we zipped through the maze.

Where’s Waldo was in there too.

We checked out the wallabies.

Love how this place has so much history and age to it.

Search for Wedding Locale Part Quarte

We continued our search today after getting a late start. Davina was supposed to wake us up early but instead let us sleep until noon! I’m thankful she did, so I made her breakfast; we’re on vacation for Pete’s sake. Our first stop was Jardin du Luxembourg.
Jardin du Luxembourg

It’s crazy busy but very large. There are multiple sections, including a basketball court and fountain where you can rent “sailboats.”

Whatever you do, don’t tread on the middle lawn. Park security will find you.

Here’s a shot of the wooded area:

There are many stone and bronze romanesque statues scattered throughout the park.

Please comment if you do/don’t like this location for our wedding…