American Blooper

Public restrooms are more complicated in Paris. I politely stopped recording when Davina told me to. I regret it though because 30 seconds later she comes busting out with wet boots! Apparently, the restroom has an automatic “wash cycle” and that’s the reason the door wouldn’t shut. Haha


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  1. Jane,

    Oh my gosh, Davina! I really didn’t want to laugh at your expense but this video had me practically rolling on the floor laughing! Then I read the punchline – and so wished Kyle had kept the video going to catch the final scene. Are you able to laugh at it now? (I would have been extremely put out with Lindsey had we been in y’all’s shoes…)

    • Haha I know! It was too funny. He didn’t even capture the best part.. I was stuck in there during the wash cycle! I came out dripping wet. I just didn’t want to get caught with my drawers down in a Public place!

  2. Ashley,

    I loved this video, sorry it is at your expense Davina, but I couldn’t stop laughing!! I have enjoyed all your posts! Best wishes to the two of you.