June 2013
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Day June 16, 2013

Taking it Easy

Today, we took things easy. Due to the feedback we received (thanks everyone!) for Parc de Belleville, we decided to return and examine it more closely. On the way to the Metro, we passed through a Farmer’s Market.

Yesterday, it was an Art Market. During the week, it’s empty?

We walk by this old thing everyday. Figured I’d take a photo this time. (The Bastille)

Back at Parc de Belleville, we looked around but spent most of our time lying in the grass. Just in case we decide to exchange our vows here, I’m only going to share one photo… Remember this guy? He must have retired here circa ’98

Sunday’s Best

Man do I love a good brunch! Today was our first time to try out brunch Parisienne style. We decided to stop at Pause Cafe because they were always busy. Arriving at 11:45 Kyle was worried we missed brunch, but they only serve drinks until noon, my kind of place. The brunch was well worth the wait. It started off with fresh oj, cafe, pastries and a jar of chocolate.

The main course was magnifique! We had Eggs Benedict, salmon, salad, curried potatoes, and yogurt. Side note: best yogurt I’ve ever had.