Paris Hotel

We checked in to the Notre Dame hotel on June 18th and stayed until the 20th. Davina and I decided on the hotel for our wedding because we liked the unique interior design (French fashion designer, Christian Lacroix) and thought it would make for good photos. The wallpaper throughout the hotel is digital collage and our room featured the 1434 oil painting by Dutch artist Jan van Eyck (Art History 101).
Hotel Notre Dame

It’s recognized as one of the first records of marriage in the form of a painting. How appropriate? We had a nice view of the river, La Seine, as well. And if you open the window and peek around the corner, you’re eye-to-eye with the Notre Dame Cathedral!
Notre Dame Cathedral


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  1. Jane,

    Wait, the first record of marriage in a photo and the bride is quite a few months pregnant… are y’all trying to tell us something? 😀

    Sorry about that outburst. The hotel does look lovely and the views are wonderful.

    • Kyle,

      For the record, Davina is not pregnant. Let’s just say it’s foreshadowing! 😉

      • jeanette,

        hey – I could handle being an aunt and offering up a little spoiling of a little Tweedy angel!