Lastly London

Our last night overseas was spent in London. We stayed on the east side of London in the Shoreditch area. We were on a search for dinner, preferably fish & chips for Kyle and stumbled upon a food truck party. They know how to put on a good food truck event! It was called 3rd Market and had a DJ, bar, shopping, live music and more.

We decided to eat a crab sandwich, closest thing to Kyle’s fish & chips.
photo 2

Mine had avocado and almonds on it Kyle’s had pomegranate.
photo 1

The local brew was nice and so were the hammocks.
photo 3

I loved all the pallet furniture! I’m ready to start building some!
photo 2


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  1. Amber,

    Was Kyle trying to look crabbie at the crabbie shack?? 😉