The Newlyweds are Home

We made it home and have been trying to recover from our jetlag. We will be posting more wedding pictures as soon as we get them from our photographer!

P.S. We’re making it official in the states tomorrow morning at the Houston Civil Court! Stay tuned! Love you all, thanks for keeping up with our adventures!


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  1. Jane,

    Congratulations! Thank you for including us in your wedding adventure.

  2. Kyle,

    Thanks, Mom! It’s been our pleasure.

  3. jeanette,

    so which day are you remembering as the real anniversary!!!! so many decisions but we’re thrilled for you both. Kyle – Welcome to the crazy family of Matthews/Hirsh! as another outlaw, it is never boring!

    • Aunt Jeanette are anniversary will be 6/19 they day we actually got married. Here in Houston a judge, while in court signed our marriage license. Kyle’s excited to join the clan!