June 2013
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Day June 28, 2013

Now it’s Official

We went to the Civil Courthouse and applied for our marriage license. The fee is $72 and we had to wait 72 hours. Right around the 70th hour, I became nervous; thinking that Davina may abandon ship 😉 On the third day we took the marriage license back to the courthouse and the honorable Judge Chang signed it on the fifth floor. Her fee was $40 and we only had $35. I offered the bailiff $10 Euros but he politely refused. He is extra nice and gave us permission to walk to an ATM. When we returned, a jury trial was in session. We squared up with the judge and walked to a different office to pay $7 for a certified copy of our license so that Davina will be able to change her last name to TWEEDY asap. Cheers to our future together!