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December 3, 2017

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Paris Hotel

We checked in to the Notre Dame hotel on June 18th and stayed until the 20th. Davina and I decided on the hotel for our wedding because we liked the unique interior design (French fashion designer, Christian Lacroix) and thought it would make for good photos. The wallpaper throughout the hotel is digital collage and our room featured the 1434 oil painting by Dutch artist Jan van Eyck (Art History 101).
Hotel Notre Dame

It’s recognized as one of the first records of marriage in the form of a painting. How appropriate? We had a nice view of the river, La Seine, as well. And if you open the window and peek around the corner, you’re eye-to-eye with the Notre Dame Cathedral!
Notre Dame Cathedral

Hens Day Out

Today was my hen party (aka bachelorette party). Kyle and I went to Reims France, which is a short hour trip by train. Reims is a champagne town with several large well know estates. I tried booking an appointment at several of the places online but never got a response, so we just went out there anyways. We got off of the train and after an hour of getting lost we ran into the Ruinart estate.They wouldn’t let us in.
Davina Lost in Reims

So then we found our main destination the Pommery champagne house!
Pommery Entrance

We didn’t have an appointment for here either but we finally convinced him to let us go on the Dutch tour, all the English tours were booked. From the ground floor this place looks like a regular winery.
Pommery Main Floor

But then they lead you to the caves, which were built by the Romans.
Pommery Cave Stairs

Pommery has amazing art work throughout the place, new and old.
Lights in Pommery Cave

Stag Party

It’s the french equivalent of a bachelor party. I’m getting married in two days, I needed one! In that spirit, Davina and I went to Le Crazy Horse de Paris last night.

It’s a cabaret and the current show is called, “Désirs.” Let me just say it was magical!

I enjoyed the music, lighting, and choreography 😉 The production was artistic and well rehearsed; it’s essentially 15 or so unique acts back to back with a ten minute intermission in the middle.

The show let out at 10:30 and when we walked outdoors we immediately noticed the Eiffel Tower. It was glowing in the distance, just across the bridge. We were looking for it on the way in and didn’t spot it! We walked over, despite the light rain and crowds of people.

Wedding Details

Kyle and I aren’t the biggest planners. I’ve been starting to freak out about the minor details, my hair, makeup and nails! I did a lot of Internet research, which can be deceiving. We had an appointment with our photographer, who is super nice and helpful. He had the hook up for hair, makeup and flowers! What a relief! Plus we made a game plan for our wedding day! So exciting!
Time for some shopping. We went to an amazing department store and picked up some famous macaroons.

Kyle enjoyed the decor.

Our next stop was my favorite Paris store Merci. The decor and concept was divine.

Tapas y Mas

Tonight we dined Spanish-style. Scallops, Chorizo, French Fries, Calamari, Queso, and Sangria. The waitress was surprised to get a tip!

The restaurant is right around the corner from our loft, at the end of a street Davina refers to as, “sixth street,” because it gets rowdy at night and is concentrated with Americans.

Taking it Easy

Today, we took things easy. Due to the feedback we received (thanks everyone!) for Parc de Belleville, we decided to return and examine it more closely. On the way to the Metro, we passed through a Farmer’s Market.

Yesterday, it was an Art Market. During the week, it’s empty?

We walk by this old thing everyday. Figured I’d take a photo this time. (The Bastille)

Back at Parc de Belleville, we looked around but spent most of our time lying in the grass. Just in case we decide to exchange our vows here, I’m only going to share one photo… Remember this guy? He must have retired here circa ’98

Sunday’s Best

Man do I love a good brunch! Today was our first time to try out brunch Parisienne style. We decided to stop at Pause Cafe because they were always busy. Arriving at 11:45 Kyle was worried we missed brunch, but they only serve drinks until noon, my kind of place. The brunch was well worth the wait. It started off with fresh oj, cafe, pastries and a jar of chocolate.

The main course was magnifique! We had Eggs Benedict, salmon, salad, curried potatoes, and yogurt. Side note: best yogurt I’ve ever had.