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Lastly London

Our last night overseas was spent in London. We stayed on the east side of London in the Shoreditch area. We were on a search for dinner, preferably fish & chips for Kyle and stumbled upon a food truck party. They know how to put on a good food truck event! It was called 3rd Market and had a DJ, bar, shopping, live music and more.

We decided to eat a crab sandwich, closest thing to Kyle’s fish & chips.
photo 2

Mine had avocado and almonds on it Kyle’s had pomegranate.
photo 1

The local brew was nice and so were the hammocks.
photo 3

I loved all the pallet furniture! I’m ready to start building some!
photo 2

Wedding Dinner

We reserved a table at Lapérouse for 7:30 but our photographer suggested we push it back in order to make time for more photos. The restaurant is ancient.

We were, without question, the sharpest couple in the place that night.

We ordered the five-course meal with wine pairings. In France, a five-course meal is actually a ten-course meal btw. Here are some highlights: duck liver…
Laperouse Duck Liver

And strawberries with basil sorbet…

I had a difficult time focusing on dinner with my beautiful bride sitting next to me and looking so absolutely stunning!! How’d I get so lucky?

Tapas y Mas

Tonight we dined Spanish-style. Scallops, Chorizo, French Fries, Calamari, Queso, and Sangria. The waitress was surprised to get a tip!

The restaurant is right around the corner from our loft, at the end of a street Davina refers to as, “sixth street,” because it gets rowdy at night and is concentrated with Americans.

Sunday’s Best

Man do I love a good brunch! Today was our first time to try out brunch Parisienne style. We decided to stop at Pause Cafe because they were always busy. Arriving at 11:45 Kyle was worried we missed brunch, but they only serve drinks until noon, my kind of place. The brunch was well worth the wait. It started off with fresh oj, cafe, pastries and a jar of chocolate.

The main course was magnifique! We had Eggs Benedict, salmon, salad, curried potatoes, and yogurt. Side note: best yogurt I’ve ever had.

Bill or Check

We decided to go out for dinner and once again, we forgot our little French translator book. Luckily our waiter new English and explained the whole menu to us. We also asked if it’s called bill or check, they said either. At A La Renaissance Kyle had scallops

and I had roast beef and polenta

Crepe Escape

Le crepes are on every corner, which is amazing. We had one for a mid morning snack and for lunch, you can never have too many. Here’s our Nutella crepe with a side of espresso.

Petit Déjeuner

We’re up and running! The jet lag made us super exhausted. We got a good nights sleep. Here’s our breakfast. We’re ready to start our first full day in Paris!